June 8, 2013

East River Rabbit Breeders

June 8, 2013 at 8:30AM

Location: In the Expo Building on the east end of the fairgrounds in Parker, SD

2 Open shows and 1 Youth shows

Judges: Dereck Tuntland, Rosa Fields, Rich Steinburg

Sanctioned Animals:

Open: OPEN: American Fuzzy Lop, Dutch, Jersey Wooly, Himalayan, Holland Lop, Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, New Zealand, Polish, Rex, Satin

YOUTH: Mini Rex, Polish

Entries: $3.00 per rabbit entry, $1.00 per fur entry

Additional information:

Entry deadline is 8:00AM for Polish, New Zealand, Satin, and Mini Satin. All other 6-class must be entered by 8:30AM and 4-class by 9:30 AM.

Wolfe Equipment will be there. You may contact them at 800.205.6929 for special orders

Show room will be open on Friday evening from 7:00PM to 9:00PM and at 7:00AM on Saturday Morning.

If you wish to have another breed sanctioned please contact Ruby Rezac. All late sanction requests will be paid by the requester two weeks prior to the show. Awards for sanctions not listed will be rosettes, if fifteen or more are shown you will be refunded back your sanction money.

Double judging school will start at 10:00AM until 12:00PM